Early Years

The power of play

The audiences for Early Years promotions are the 80,000+ nurseries and reception years, across the UK, helping children, up to the age of five, to learn. Nursery staff as well as parents and carers welcome external support in meeting early year requirements, the main pillars of which are literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and the outside world.

The power of play is vital for young children to learn.

Time for ‘play’ helps familiarise children with the subject content before the main activity starts, stretching their imagination and highlighting social aspects to practitioners. Innovative blends of branded content can deliver a wealth of relevant educative materials that are used time and time again.

Rapport works with companies on their commercial strategies for successful engagement of products and services aimed at Early Years, as well as implementation of relevant CSR policies, through meeting the needs of nurseries. For content, Rapport has the best nursery practitioners creating concepts that will generate interest from staff, children and their families to the benefit of clients.

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