Teen power

Secondary school audiences are 11 to 16 year olds. Schools with a sixth form offer audiences of 16-18 years olds. Educational structures are very different from early years and primary.

In the UK there are 5,500+ secondary schools to 24,500+ primary schools so children move to an educational environment of a thousand plus students where teaching is subject-led, not topic-led. Students have different teachers for different subjects and start to learn about their examinations and testing futures.

Important to any educational campaign is an understanding of the differences between the qualification framework in the four UK countries. Scotland has its own qualification structure separate from that for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. And for subjects, England & Wales have the national curriculum, Northern Ireland has its own curriculum and Scotland schools have a Curriculum for Excellence for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

Rapport is highly experienced in creating campaigns with content, requested by teachers, which meet the teaching requirements of all four UK countries, reaching students in the target age ranges with due regard for the educational demands of SATS, GCSE, A, AS levels and all other qualifications offered throughout UK education.

The style of content and methods of delivery has to reflect differences in audience perceptions, maturity and relevance to personal decision-making which starts young as subject choices can influence future opportunities. Live events are a particularly successful style of marketing to teens offering unique ways of engaging minds, changing behaviours and sowing seeds of association at an important stage.

Rapport works with companies on their commercial strategies for successful engagement of products and services aimed at secondary students, as well as implementation of relevant CSR policies, through meeting the needs of secondary education.

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