Primary marketing power

Marketing reach through UK primary schools is to audiences of 5 to 11 year old children. Due to the demands of the national curriculum, teachers are constantly on the lookout for educational activities to support their work, engage their pupils and deliver relevant
knowledge, particularly when offered authoritative content from informed sources.

Rapport can create schools data to match your marketing objectives by age of pupils, geographical areas, named teachers and headteachers, subjects and themes, size of school or any combination of criteria. Successful acquisition campaigns lie at the heart of our success in achieving buy-in from teachers through the agency’s skills and experience in combining your marketing objectives with valuable educative content.

Run by marketing professionals, working hand in hand with the country’s most inspiring teachers, Rapport has a lengthy track record in helping companies and organisations
gain exposure in primary schools creatively, effectively and, above all, memorably.

Specialist campaigns can comprise a wide media mix created to deliver maximum take-up and usage. Talk to us about how to tailor unique and effective solutions to meet your marketing objectives.

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