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  • View from life in a Convent School

    A new Form Teacher who ‘eats textbooks for breakfast’ had a profound impact. As the days rolled into weeks, the weeks into years, Alfie’s geography lessons were compelling. She left a lasting legacy, too, of thoughts, beliefs, facts and opinions which influence our ex-pat to this day. As she recalls here.

  • View from life in school

    Today a young daughter, book bag slung round her neck and water bottle in hand, sits at the front door, impatient to go to school. Her mother recalls her own contrasting experience a generation earlier though the memory of one teacher’s lesson lives on, one she hopes her daughter will learn.

  • Teacher First puts Teachers First

    Teacher First is an innovative, value-added and practical service that delivers content on specific topics direct to relevant teachers, combining print and digital. The print resource combines promotional flyers with the Teacher First editorial wraparound for teachers to keep as an information resource. The Teacher First email newsletter is a reminder direct to the readers’ inbox reinforcing your promotional messages.

  • View from the School of Life

    A British ex-pat, now an IT geek, contrasts his comprehension of UK history with that of Americans’ knowledge about their own history, recalling the role played by a memorable teacher.

  • View from the School of Life

    The keyboard of an Aging Writer relates the time, in the 1950s, before he left school when his absences were of little concern. The writer went on to become Managing Director of a number of Advertising Agencies.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Rapport Reports, where we take a look at the latest, the greatest and the let-downs. Whoever we talk to, wherever they are, whatever they do, they all have stories about schools and schooling, teachers, parents, education and relevance.

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