Postman Pat

Project Content

Entertainment Rights celebrated the 25th anniversary of Postman Pat by investing in an educational marketing campaign with Rapport.

Entertainment Rights wanted to support learning outcomes in pre-schools and nurseries through geography, numeracy and art. The pack was also to be adapted for use in the American marketplace.

Our Approach

Rapport promoted the lively and unique teaching content aimed at the early years and nursery sector achieving over 3,500 requests for the free pack through an acquisition campaign to UK nurseries.

The resource was developed using working nursery teachers to support required learning requirements in geography, numeracy, PSHE and art. It included lesson concepts, activity sheets, a DVD and colourful poster for the classroom walls that centred around Postman Pat’s birthday. All elements of the teaching resource used Postman Pat to support fun and entertainment in early years classrooms.

Content was adapted for the American market, both packs adhered to Postman Pat branding and design style.

The Results

141,284 children reached with the resources

3,595 requests for the resource from UK nursery and early years centres

83% of respondents said they will use the pack again

Over 70% of users rated the project as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’

76% of respondents said they will pass the pack on to another teacher

“What a great resource! Very colourful
and attractive to the children. Thank
you so much. A very enjoyable
programme of lessons”
Primary Teacher, Sunderland

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