Every educational campaign is different. We’ve met people who, for some reason, doubt we can make education fun – you can – or deliver products – you can – or have branded competitions – you can. Teachers are your gatekeepers and will welcome offers that enhances the education process, delivering variety and excitement with learning outcomes.

You can embed calls to action in educational campaigns, the most important being to engage teachers.

Rapport campaigns have included:

  • Magazines produced specifically for students
  • Competitions with ace prizes which enhance your PR options
  • Events that deliver Continuing Professional Development to teachers
  • And events which train working professionals in their own fields
  • One-off and regular newsletters, requested, to inform, entertain and reinforce offers and opportunities
  • Take-homes for children to take back to their families either as offers, homework activities or information
  • Creation of online – and offline – games to entertain and educate
  • Playground events for groups of local primary schools
  • Touring buses visiting schools during the weekend and in shopping centres at weekends to inform shoppers
  • Partnerships with mutual brands to create giveaways such as badges, branded coffee mugs, branded notebooks and pens (Yes, they still use them)
  • Working with other agencies to add education to a major campaign

All you need to do is consider calling Rapport to talk about how we could help. Maybe we can come up with something to add to this list.

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