Educational resource


Teachers welcome teaching content and events which deliver engaging authoritative content. Schools welcome resources which engross children in classrooms. The authority of sponsoring brands, organisations or companies adds to the power of educational content, putting the skills, knowledge and awareness of the outside world into the hands of educational professionals. With specialist educational marketing agency, The Rapport Group, your campaign will deliver the age ranges, the regions, the associations, the partnerships and the outcomes you are looking for.

Teaching content that works

Effective sponsored teaching resources meet curriculum requirements of the UK countries, each of whom has its own Governmental Education Department with its own curriculum subjects, formats and content.

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England all use different terminology, assessment and attainment criteria and school infrastructures. All of which poses the challenge – we relish – in the creation of effective sponsored teaching content which is going to be used and deliver benefits for your brand, company or association.

Select relevant content and formats

Rapport is an effective educational marketing partner as the agency has specialised in educational marketing for over 20 years. In that time the agency has constantly delivered campaigns for clients with many differing styles and formats;

  • sponsored teaching projects
  • competitions with product and corporate prizes
  • specialist public relations for responsive coverage
  • theatre-in-educations roadshows
  • acquisition campaigns building named databases
  • direct mail and e-mail
  • magazines offline and online
  • websites
  • leaflets
  • live events
  • product sales and requests
  • social media
  • Videos and videoinfographs
  • sponsored books
  • e-newsletters
  • market research
  • promotional merchandise

Effective rapport with schools, teachers, children, parents, carers and communities, with education at the core of your marketing strategy, relies on relevant content, formats and policies created by The Rapport Group.

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