Every educational marketing campaign is different. We’ve met people who doubt we can make education fun. You can. We’ve met people who doubt we can deliver products through classroom. You can. Those who doubt we can run branded competitions. You can.

Teachers are gatekeepers and welcome offers that bring external expertise to enhance the education process, delivering variety and excitement with relevant outcomes. We embed calls-to-action in every educational campaign; the most important of these is to engage teachers in classrooms.

Rapport campaigns include services that actively engage the interests of all those inside a classroom, whether through:

  • Partnerships with mutual brands
  • Magasines that specifically target children or students
  • Competitions that offer incentives to schools, teachers, pupils and parents
  • Enhancing client PR options through specialist media channels

Rapport has also created events that deliver Continuing Professional Development to teachers as well as events which train client working professionals in their own fields.

Your educational brand recognition does not begin and end inside the classroom. In order to do this Rapport can use a number of methods such as:

  • Regular newsletters that inform, entertain, and reinforce a client offers
  • Take-homes for children to take back to their families
  • Homework or activities with visual information about a brand
  • Raising awareness in and outside classrooms through family events

Rapport is also proud to be able to work with other agencies to add educational channels to a client’s marketing campaign.


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