Rapport believes in knowing who you want and who wants you. The agency works with the most up-to-date educational data in the UK. The range of criteria for selections of teachers, school types, subjects and pupil/student age ranges is considerable and wide-ranging as there have been, and continue to be, many changes in UK educational systems.

Education remains a major pillar of family concerns.

Rapport introduced acquisition campaigns, many moons ago, for successful educational marketing having discovered that many campaigns simply arrived unannounced in schools and were duly binned.

Most clients will want to know about the data that meets their own objectives. This may be by school type, ages of pupils, type of subject, geographical area, year groups, school performance or links to other locations. Whatever the criteria, acquisition campaigns deliver teacher buy-in and registration of interest, of particular relevance to campaign planning for a three to five year period of marketing strategy.

Vital data also derives from project feedback, online and offline, and market research analysis. All response mechanisms will be considered for every client project and every budget.

PS Please note we’re one of the few UK agencies to have a fax number. Ours gets used!

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