Reach young people through the most innovative and memorable of educational marketing channels – theatre-in-education.

The Rapport theatre-in-education offer delivers your vital messages about brands, services and issues through memorable experiences in schools. Ones that you can reinforce through workshops, branded lesson plans, competitions, educational websites and a range of other pre- and post-performance educational marketing activities.

Content covers careers, social media, life skills, healthy living, sustainability as well as many other important topics.

  • Change behaviours
  • Develop awareness
  • Implant vital information

Audience engagement delivers high retention

Rapport’s experience is vital to the success of any theatre-in-education campaign combining the best of creative, interactive content to achieve target marketing reach and engagement.

Schools across the UK – primary, secondary and further education sectors – respond positively to marketing offers that inform and entertain, to make lasting impressions. Children welcome the change from the classroom and computer screens. Teachers welcome important themes delivered in entertaining and engaging ways and clients profit from high retention levels.

All you need to do

Processes involved in a theatre-in-education campaign start with the thematic brief with key performance indicators including budget through developing creative content to optimal scheduling of tour dates and times with target schools. Whereas a West End production can take months or years to come to the stage, your message can be out there in a matter of weeks.

As a specialist marketing agency Rapport has substantial experience in delivering effective responsive educational campaigns for clients. When those campaigns take place live before audiences of children, and their teachers, the opportunity for making memorable impressions is high.


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